Intake: Construction of new modern sanitation blocks at public spaces to be used by 1,000 people a day.  After some time, when the treatment plants are up and running, it will become possible to connect homes, companies and institutions to the plant. The faecal sludge collected through the sanitation blocks will be used as influent for the treatment plant.

Transport: Currently the sludge or waste is transported to Lavender Hill and dumped into the ocean. With this Waste to Value Project, We will start organising the transport to the treatment plants (step 3 and 4) instead to Lavender Hill. Waste will be collected from the sanitation blocks, from household sceptic tanks and fresh organic waste from local markets.

Collection: The treatment plant will have a collection basin.

Treatment: The treatment plant is a mix of Ghanaian and Dutch technological solutions.

(Re) Use Energy: The treatment plant produces valuable products out of liquid and organic waste. Products are: